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Welcome the Inaugural Blog for DC Inns

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Welcome to our new blog. We’re so glad you found us.

We have owned B&B’s in Washington DC for 11 years. In April 2000, we purchased the Woodley Park Guest House, and in March 2007, after a 3 1/2 year renovation, we opened the Embassy Circle Guest House near Dupont Circle. We calculate that we have met almost 35,000 guests during this time, and MANY have encouraged us to write a book about being innkeepers. Well, we’re not quite ready to write a book yet, but we have decided to write a blog about the business we love. We’ll share our intimate knowledge of the Nation’s Capital, introduce you to guests of our Washington DC bed and breakfasts, discuss the life of an innkeeper, and maybe even take time to talk about our favorite books, movies, wines and restaurants. We hope you enjoy it … and that you will feel free to comment about what we have written … or about anything at all. To the guests who have been visiting us for years, and the guests we have not yet met, we can’t wait to hear from you!!

Laura & Raymond Saba
Courtney & Joe Lodico

Washington DC … A Beautiful City!!

In this time of heated national debate over budgets and such, we thought it would be both fun and useful to list a couple of things we can all agree on:

1. Washington DC is a beautiful city. It is full of world-class museums, stunning monuments, and gorgeous architecture.

2. Spring is a GREAT time to visit Washington DC! The city is beautiful. The weather is lovely. The trees are in bloom.

3. There’s a LOT to do here in the Nation’s Capital, so you should plan to stay 4+ days if you want to do more than just scratch the surface.

4. You don’t need a car to visit DC. You can walk anywhere, or you can take our high-speed Metro (subway) system just about any place you want to go.

5. DC is a city full of beautiful neighborhoods that are filled with restaurants and bookstores and coffee shops. Staying in one of the convenient downtown neighborhoods, like Dupont Circle … home of the Embassy Circle Guest House, or Woodley Park … home of the Woodley Park Guest House, is lots of fun, especially at night. The streets are full of people, you have a choice of excellent restaurants, and you can safely wander the neighborhoods and enjoy some of the best architecture in the city.

6. DC, like every other city in the world, has thousands of expensive, cookie cutter hotel rooms. Cookie cutter hotel rooms are definitely NOT as much fun … and NOT as good value … as a great bed and breakfast inn.

The Pandas Don’t Give A Bamboo Shoot About The Budget Debates!!

7. A great bed and breakfast inn pampers you with beautiful rooms and beds you don’t want to get out of; good healthy food to start your day or snack on in the afternoons; a lovely safe and convenient neighborhood to explore; and knowledgeable, warm and caring hosts who will ensure that you enjoy your stay to the fullest. A great B&B will also offer you a house full of guests from around the world, which makes for interesting conversations around the breakfast table … and may even result in new friendships and invitations to visit far-off places.

8. A great B&B is, literally, a home away from home, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. In a great B&B, you can expect to arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. It’s definitely nice to have a place to call home when you are on the road. And it’s nice to be able to depend on friends when you arrive in a strange city.

Fading Glory by Shoshanna Ahart - Woodley Room 108

Fading Glory by Shoshanna Ahart - Woodley Room 108

Fading Glory by Shoshanna Ahart – Woodley Room 108

9. All of these benefits are included in your room rate at a great B&B. No extra charge for extra service. No extra charge for advice and friendship. No extra charge for anything!

10. To find DC’s best B&B’s, check out Trip Advisor. It’s a great source of information, and it’s all written by guests like you. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call. We have a couple of world-class B&B’s to recommend!

TRUE CONFESSION: Now that we have listed some things we agree on, we have to admit that we have one item we do not agree on … What To Call Our Blog! Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated … so much, in fact, that we will offer a $100 gift certificate to whoever comes up with the best name! So, please, send us your ideas. Our new blog needs a name!


Laura & Courtney