A Beautiful Investment in Original Art At Our Luxury Washington DC INNS

beautiful artwork in Washington DC hotel lobby

At our luxury DC Inns, we know that our investment in original artwork is UNIQUE!

We believe that beauty is not optional. Like comfort and convenience, beauty is necessary to relaxation and well-being – and we’re all about relaxation and well-being at Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House!

Every piece of art in both houses – about 150 pieces in total – is original. Most of that artwork – about 90%, or 135 individual paintings – has been created by and purchased from our guests. Other pieces belong to Laura & Raymond Saba’s personal collection.  

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Looking for an Airbnb in Washington DC for your next business trip?

Room 136 bed

Last year you were in DC for a conference and stayed at the conference hotel. It was fine, but it’s not luring you back. With your new assignment, you’re going to be in DC three to four times a year for 3-4 nights each time. You’d really like a place that’s homier, a place you’ll enjoy coming back to again and again. So, you are looking an Airbnb in Washington DC.

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Looking for an AIRBNB for your Washington DC Vacation?

Washington DC B&B

The two of you haven’t been to DC since you chaperoned your son’s 8th grade field trip, which, truth be told, wasn’t the optimum way to experience the city. You’re planning to stay for five days this time and you really want a special place to stay. You’ve travelled enough to know that the accommodation can make or break the trip. You’re looking for a place that is intimate, charming, comfortable, convenient and affordable. A place to call “home” for five days. So, not a big hotel.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Bed and Breakfast vs Hotel

Meeting around our breakfast table

Are you an adventurous traveler?  Do you enjoy unique experiences?  Do you want to discover the hidden places that tourists almost always miss?  If that description fits you, you are a perfect candidate for a B&B! Here’s a closer look at this special way to travel:

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5 Reasons You Should Avoid B&B’s

People on an Inn porch

In the last 15 years of innkeeping, we’ve learned that not everybody should stay at a bed and breakfast. That is why we have come up with 5 reasons you might want to avoid staying at a B&B.

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