Room 124 – Pearl Gazvin

Embassy Circle Guest House

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Guests enjoy exceptional Washington DC accommodations in Dupont Circle. This glorious room on the second floor of our DC bed and breakfast features a king-size four-poster bed, four huge windows and a large, decorative fireplace. With a pair of comfortable French armchairs, a wonderful Louis Philippe drop-leaf writing table, and an old English dresser, this room is perfect for work or relaxation at our DC Bed and Breakfast.

Art: The stunning “4 Iri” by Louise Link Rath hangs over the fireplace mantle, while Bernard Carver’s “Floating Blossoms” hangs over the bed. Two painted collages of Point Lobos, by San Diego artist Mada Leach, hang on the wall.

Carpet: The antique Persian carpet is a beautiful pearl Gazvin.

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