In our last Renovation by Room post, we looked at the restoration of the front façade of the Embassy Circle Guest House. It detailed the painstaking process owners Laura and Raymond Saba underwent to create a beautiful and welcoming first impression for their guests.

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What does it take to bring an abandoned embassy property back from the brink of near-extinction? A ton of time, tenacity, and TLC. In 2003, Laura and Raymond Saba purchased a building owned by the Taiwanese government that ultimately became the Embassy Circle Guest House. But turning that diamond in the rough into the jewel it is today was no easy feat.

In our new blog series, Renovation by Room, we’ll be revisiting that journey by showcasing just how much love and labor went into each room and main area of the inn.

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American Univerity Building in DC

Washington DC is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city that attracts residents and visitors from around the globe. Everyone knows DC for a couple of obvious reasons:

  • Capital of the United States
  • Seat of international political power and influence
  • Location of iconic government buildings, memorials and museums

But not everyone knows that DC is the home of some of the finest universities in the country, a list that includes our neighbor, American University, more commonly known as AU.

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beautiful artwork in Washington DC hotel lobby

At our luxury DC Inns, we know that our investment in original artwork is UNIQUE!

We believe that beauty is not optional. Like comfort and convenience, beauty is necessary to relaxation and well-being – and we’re all about relaxation and well-being at Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House!

Every piece of art in both houses – about 150 pieces in total – is original. Most of that artwork – about 90%, or 135 individual paintings – has been created by and purchased from our guests. Other pieces belong to Laura & Raymond Saba’s personal collection.  

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Room 136 bed

Last year you were in DC for a conference and stayed at the conference hotel. It was fine, but it’s not luring you back. With your new assignment, you’re going to be in DC three to four times a year for 3-4 nights each time. You’d really like a place that’s homier, a place you’ll enjoy coming back to again and again. So, you are looking an Airbnb in Washington DC.

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