Meet the Innkeepers

Laura and Raymond, Innkeepers at Embassy Circle Guest House

Embassy Circle Guest House

Innkeepers, Raymond and Laura Saba

Raymond and Laura Saba never thought they would be proprietors of B&B's. Raymond spent years at the World Bank while Laura worked in the retail and aerospace industries. Eventually they both quit their corporate jobs to own their own construction company, Raycon Incorporated, which has completed many interesting projects in the Washington, DC area. In fact, it was through the construction company that Raymond and Laura became owners of their first bed and breakfast, the Woodley Park Guest House, leading a team of friends and family in the purchase, renovation, and ongoing operation of this popular DC B&B.

Entertaining guests comes naturally to Raymond and Laura. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Raymond embodies the Lebanese tradition and spirit of generous hospitality, while Laura adds the all-American, native-Washingtonian welcome.

In addition to their love of entertaining, Laura and Raymond love renovating old buildings and they are constantly on the lookout for hidden jewels, dilapidated and derelict old structures they can transform. In 2003 they purchased an abandoned embassy property owned by the government of Taiwan, and after extensive renovation, they opened the gorgeous Embassy Circle Guest House in 2007.

Not that they are all work and no play. Raymond and Laura enjoy getting out of DC to spend time with friends and family. Wherever they are, you can be sure they have found a scenic spot to relax and enjoy good food, good wine, good friends and good conversation.

Courtney and Joe, Innkeepers at Woodley Park Guest House

Woodley Park Guest House

Innkeepers, Courtney and Joe Lodico

Courtney and Joe Lodico love owning and running the Woodley Park Guest House. Courtney is a third generation native Washingtonian who takes advantage of her hometown and all its museums, monuments, restaurants, theaters and festivals. A reformed political junkie, she still follows city and national politics as a hobby and enjoys discussing politics and hearing the ideas and opinions of guests from around the world.

Joe was project manager for the renovation of our Washington DC Bed & Breakfast in 2000 and is the go to guy for any questions concerning the care and maintenance of the property. Joe is a native of Buffalo, New York who has lived in DC for 32 years and jokes that he is still adjusting to his Washingtonian lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoys hosting breakfast and helping guests navigate the city and the metro system.

Courtney and Joe are the parents of Kate, Thomas, Joseph and Jennifer, their 21 year old quadruplets - who are all in college at the same time! They provide constant motivation and incentive to work hard and keep guests returning to our Woodley Park Bed and Breakfast.

Guests enjoy our award winning Washington DC bed and breakfasts that offer beautiful rooms and unmatched service. Join us for a wonderful Washington DC getaway.